10,554 Feet


Circa 1912

“You expect to move tons of dirt to find an ounce of gold, but you don't go into the mine looking for the dirt; you go in looking for the gold.”


Adelaide Park was a small mining camp that grew up quickly in Eagle County around the Adelaide Mine and others on nearby New York Mountain. Never officially incorporating, or possessing a town government, Adelaide Park was one of the thousands of examples of rough and tumble places where miners built cabins haphazardly and quickly and then headed off to work in the mines.

The camp was located in a small meadow, about a half a mile east of Upper Fulford. At some point during its short history, It was absorbed by its neighbor and ceased to exist as a separate entity.


Today, virtually nothing is left and even less is known about the little camp of Adelaide Park. Even the meadow where it lived is being overtaken by aspen and pine trees. The quickly crumbling remains of three cabins and many foundation depressions are all that remain today. If you don't watch closely, you'll walk right by it and never know you passed by.

Along with its nearby neighbors, Upper Fulford and New York Cabins, with each passing year, the little camp of Adelaide Park fades away just a bit more.